“The pain was keeping me from walking...I couldn’t walk but from one room
  to the next.This is such a pleasure to have had this surgery and recuperation
  was so speedy!”

    Marjorie Moon, MAKOplasty®patient
  “The recovery after MAKOplasty ® procedure is truly astounding. I tell patients
  to expect 24 hours stay in the hospital. They are typically off walking within
  a day or two. They are driving within a week”
    Thomas Coon, M.D.  

"I am so glad that we have Florida Hospital [DeLand] close where we can go if needed. The staff goes out of their way to make you comfortable. No matter how bad you feel. I would recommend this hospital to anyone looking for a hospital and doctors. May God Bless each and every one of you."

  —James Whetsell
“Sometimes when I am walking, it feels so comfortable that
  I have to stop and think which knee has an implant.
  I'm now able to go up and down steps without holding on
  to the railing totally pain-free. I no longer feel limited
  or cautious because of my knee pain and discomfort.
  Now, I can do just about anything and everything I want—
  all physical activities except running.”
  Dr. Harvey Saff, MAKOplasty®patient
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Can a Robotic Arm Help Reduce Knee Pain?

David Lubin, M.D., an emergency room doctor, suffered with knee pain for 20 years. But he got his life back when he had a new robotic arm partial knee replacement procedure called MAKOplasty ® .
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